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Helmet purchase skills
Author:  Date:2012/2/17  Clicks:6548  

(1) the inside of the helmet must be equipped with anti-shock pad, consistent with the surface of the head gasket material for the thin mesh lining, should have to absorb sweat and grease the role of the head. In addition, the liner should be open at depth of more than 10MM ventilation slots to allow air circulation inside the helmet.

(2) chin strap should be soft, Snap Fasteners and other hard protrusions shall not exceed the in vitro surface 5MM.

(3) should wear a helmet is a lightweight, comfortable feel, the weight of the helmet should not exceed 2KG.

(4) helmets should not be blocked, no heart, clear vision, no shelter, the stationary state is not less than 105 degrees viewing angle.

(5) to wear a helmet when you can clearly hear and identify sounds from all directions, and driving should not have vibration and other noise.

(6) inside the helmet should have good ventilation and thermal devices, and can dust, insects, water, etc.

(7) The helmet should have good reflective and thermal radiation, highlighting the obvious eye-catching colors.

(8) helmet goggles lenses clear colorless, toughness is not easy to break, to ensure that the drivers vision is not affected.

(9) helmet with glass fiber laminate material structure should be the best.

In general, choose the helmet first thing to consider is to wear a helmet when the neck of the burden, to maintain balance in the body to feel its weight. The balance of good and bad helmet is important, because the helmet's center of gravity away from the head's center of gravity nearer the less fatigue. So, it is important not the weight of the helmet itself, but rather how to balance performance helmet.

From the security point of view, have a strong impact when the helmet, the helmet inside a soft foam sleeve can impact not hurt the head. Some corrupted helmet is almost in the same place three or four hit mark. Permeability on the helmet, the helmet itself is not opening the protective cover installed near the ventilation unit, but installation of the protective condom body, largely in order to maximize the time of the helmet can be impact protection.

General suitability of the helmet, can be worn on any head shape. But it should be noted that the permeability and helmet size. Wear a helmet when riding helmet should not feel tight and wrap the head causing strangulation shortness of breath. At the same time should try to choose the size of the helmet shook his head a helmet that does not move, often put off when not too much wear a helmet at the end of the right border jacket helmet.

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